Educational computer labs


Educational institutions took the responsibility on the education typical way, through the acquisition of best-edge technical of tools to maintain its prestigious in the community and these education tools in a way visual and audio labs, which are directly related with computers. From this point of view Marvel systems for Information Technology upon themselves to recruit technical education and we have the full professionalism in the preparation, manufacturing and the provision of such laboratories computer labs and English language labs for memorization the  holy Qura’an.

Wired and wireless networks


Marvel Systems for Information Technology knows companies’ need to exchange information and share files among its employees or its branches so we have opened a special section networks contain a team of specialists in all types of networks, both wired and wireless.

Surveillance Cameras


The aspiration of clients to work in a professional environment and compatible with the needs of the global business environment , Marvel System for Information Technology strive to prepare smart and typical meeting rooms with the latest modern and advanced technologies ..

Communications Systems


Marvel Systems for Information Technology offers  the best communications  solutions inside the organization with all the capacities of small and large PABX with the latest versions. We provide all requirements for the modern and the old PABX faxes for all models, normal phone and distinctive. Digital tracking   of internal and external  movement  inside the company follow the movement of incoming and outgoing of the company programs.

Acoustic systems


Marvel Systems is doing the best since it was established to provide the best technology in the market which are produced by leading products and audio solutions integrated companies in this field. Due to the large number of projects we have made this lead us to gain enough experience to provide the most integrated and least cost vocal solutions for the customer with various options from multiple sources.

So, whatever the size of your project large or small, we can meet all your needs, whether acoustic hall meetings, Theater, playgrounds, a hospital, galleries, studio production, radio, educational halls etc…

Meeting rooms


The aspiration of clients to work in a professional environment and compatible with the needs of the global business environment , Marvel System for Information Technology  provide selection of comfortable meeting rooms with all sizes.

Entry & Exit Systems


Marvel Systems for Information Technology provides the following systems:

Automatic Gate Systems

Attendance systems with Card Reader.

Smart card systems ( smart – magnetic card – bar code).

Nurse call systems for hospitals.

Intercoms & Video Door Entry

Data Centers

computers data center 3008x2000 wallpaper_www.wall321.com_6

Data Centers are the “nerve centers” of the new private economy environments that boast the latest technology and computer operations. The purpose of this is a data center to focus and enhance information technology resources, allowing the infrastructure that provides 24/7 business availability, 365 days a year. Designed to offer round the clock business continuity services without interruption . Marvel Systems take care to provide data processing centers in the latest modern techniques:
Uninterruptible power supply system (UPS)
Air conditioning system
Flooring System
Fire control system (FM200)
Computer management system in the room
Electrical Wiring
Entry and surveillance system
Cable Systems

Branches Linking


Marvel Systems for IT supports your business by networks linking both between company departments or at the level of your branches whatever the distance between them. Network allows computers to communicate with each other and share resources and information.

The benefits of linking branches wirelessly

– Exchanging files and folders between branches’ devices .

– Participation in print for more than a device using a single printer.

– Participation in the programs between the network devices.

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