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تطبيق نظام البيع من مارفل

Vending App

An application for a point of sale system that has been programmed and designed to help your facility manage all sales operations and print tax invoices with ease without the need for the presence of the Internet, and the ability to open the application using different devices, whether they support the Android system or the IOS system

Vending App Features

- Ease and ease of use​

Doesn't require internet to work​

- Makes the device work as a credit card payment withdrawal device (with NFC technology), which facilitates the payment process (under development)​

- Contains electronic billing requirements​

- Adding sections and units is very easy​

- Add an unlimited number of categories and sections​

- Consistent design and flexible interfaces​

- Easy to save barcodes for items​

- A demo version is available to try the app​

Screens From The App

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