Linking Branches

Linking branches of your institutions has become indispensable now, because most institutions and companies suffer from poor communication between employees and branches, and the inability to transfer data due to the difficulty of direct communication, which affects business disruption, and owners of institutions resort to paying a large amount of money to facilitate communication and data transfer between employees and branches in addition to changing the company system every period to facilitate communication, and this may negatively affect data protection in order to accomplish the required tasks.

Linking branches of institutions without periodic fees or connecting devices or exorbitant costs with a private network for each institution separately, providing protection and security for data while maintaining quality, in addition to eliminating technical problems and avoiding their recurrence.

The branch linking service from marvel company allows the sharing of applications or programs of various types from servers to users’ devices in branches through special programs or through internet browsers based on specific permissions that are created for each user on the server as if they were installed on the user’s device running on  Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, And iPhone.

The importance of linking branches online

The importance of Branch linking service online appears in the possibility of remote control, in addition to being safer and costing much less than other means, as there are many advantages for linking branches, and these features are as follows:

  • Linking all branches of institutions or on a single network, where it is possible to connect 500 branches on a single server network without the need for connecting devices or subscriptions, and replaces the remote entry systems provided by Microsoft.
  • Branch linking service via the Internet is a unique service, as it can be installed and configured in a record time that does not exceed an hour.
  • The existence of many different subscriptions that are suitable for each institution separately, and choosing the most appropriate one based on the needs and requirements.
  • Connecting all branch devices, sharing files, and printing without the need to move around.
  • Easily distribute tasks to employees in all branches.
  • 24-hour technical support by communicating with customer service.
  • Finding appropriate solutions for defects and technical problems, if any.
  • Drawing up an action plan for the client before starting implementation and providing him with appropriate suggestions to be compatible with his work.

The time required for linking branches

The time required to link branches is based on the work plan that was built and presented to the client before starting its implementation.

The necessary settings for Branch linking and the installation takes a short period of time, but the period is determined based on the number of branches and their locations.

Branch linking service the best choice for whose?

Companies and institutions of all kinds, whether they are small, medium, or large enterprises.

Educational institutions of different stages (schools – institutes – universities – training centers).

Commercial centers and various brands in addition to markets and warehouses.

Exhibitions and galleries.

So if you are looking for the best linking Branches Company in Saudi Arabia, contact us and benefit from our exclusive services.

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