Self Service System

Create your own multi-boot self-service system now with a professional interface

The most important characteristics of the self-service system

First: system design

  • The system is simple and easy to use.
  • Modern design that matches the colors of the corporate identity.
  • It can be run on multiple operating systems such as (Linux-Windows) in addition to side ads controlled by the administration.
  • evis system display with different devices This is a feature on web systems.
  • Easy control over updating price lists for all branches.

Second: the system interface

  • Designed in an attractive and professional way.
  • Features a system user login screen.
  • Has a welcome screen for the system.
  • A sidebar showing the main food categories.
  • A bar at the top of the interface showing all available shows or images added from the control panel.
  • Add the product to the order chain.
  • The ability to complete the order and continue the payment with a choice of payment method (appreciation – network).
  • Design the order invoice in the appropriate way for the company.
  • Possibility to specify the session if the request is local.

Third: Payment methods

  • The ability to pay through the network and link the system to the network device to be paid through.
  • Possibility of paying cash by cashier after delivery of the order invoice.

Features of the self-service system for restaurants and cafes:

  • Programming a model for advertisements.
  • Possibility to add ads at the top and bottom of the screen.
  • Ads control by the management system.
  • Programming an internal control panel that enables you to add, modify and delete products and control prices.
  • Link with oracle databases and update products in real time.
  • Attractive design effects and use of modern 3ssc and 5lmth effects.
  • Easy control over system update and price lists.
  • A system built for compatibility with smart devices.
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