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Marvel ERP System

The ERP financial system is the best integrated management, accounting and financial system in Saudi Arabia Enterprise resource planning ERP. Fits all types of companies and institutions The business sectors covers all departments of your facility.

ERP financial system manages:

Financial accounts, inventory, customer service, human resource management, and personnel affairs.


Sales, purchases, suppliers, production, inventory, bank management … etc.

Main features of Marvel ERP System:

It has many modern technologies and security tools to protect the organization’s information and data.


Add the user and give him specific powers.


It is built with the ERP Oracle database and is the most powerful in the world.


The ability to automatically send email notifications when the item reaches the minimum level,


The instrument bounces back from the bank, the customer reaches the debt limit … etc.


The system contains the distinct Approval Workflow system, as the system has a screen to record the requests.

The importance of Marvel ERP System:

The speed of error detection and the speed of its solution.


Increasing the efficiency of services and work and bearing times of pressure.


Change the work mechanism and know the amount of work done by each employee separately.


Fast recording and final reporting unlike traditional methods.


Reducing the costs of accounts and the time taken to perform these tasks.


Protection of the company’s data, and it is not allowed to display it except for a person who has the authority to do so (the managers).


The ability to control the powers of each employee and determine the characteristics allowed.

The financial system ERP is one of the important systems in institutions and sectors.

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