Technical Consulting

Technical Consulting​

Technical Consulting
Technical Consulting

Administrative, Financial And Technical Consultancy

Marvel Digital Systems provides scientific and practical advice to achieve the desired results and objectives by our customers by identifying the most important administrative and financial problems and working to solve them through the full applied scientific solutions provided by a distinguished team of senior consultants and experts in our institution specializing in all areas of management consulting and strategic management Human resources management, accounting, financial management, production and operations management, procurement and warehouse management, marketing, sales and foreign trade management
Technical Consulting

Some Of The Consultancy Services We Provide For Business Development:

  • Integrated institutional building consultancy and strategic development
  • Organizational development consulting and corporate restructuring
  • Consultancy Group for Human Resource Management Systems Development
  • Consultancy Group for the design and development of financial and accounting systems
  • Advisory Group in the field of investment and finance
  • Consultancy Group in Marketing and Sales Management
  • Consultative Group on Resource Management
  • Consultancy Group in the field of production management
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