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purchase order management system

An excellent purchase order management system that contains everything related to local and imported procurement accounts, tangible or intangible.




MarPOS purchase order management system

Procurement Department and the Department for the Evaluation, Identification, and Creation of Formal Agreements with Suppliers.


Manage ongoing relationships with suppliers and purchase goods and services for transactions.

Work with accounts that are due to complete the cycle from supply to settlement by processing supplier invoices for payment.


The importance of MarPOS purchase order management system

Digitalization of transactions from purchase to payment.

  • The best solution to simplify the procurement process to settlement while adjusting the costs that are right for you by directing purchases to approved suppliers.
  • A richer user experience similar to the consumer experience for you too as a merchant and owner.

The most important features of MarPOS purchasing management system
The MarPos system is one of the best programs for purchasing managers in the Kingdom and Marvel Technology always strives for excellence, so here is the most important feature of the MarPOS procurement system that you can

Editing the facility’s purchase requisitions for all departments and approving them.

  • Enter and study supplier quotations, choose the best, and mark up discounts.
  • Issuing purchase invoices, purchase returns, and supply authorizations.
  • Calculating the costs of purchases, discounts, and the cost of a single unit with its expenses.
  • Following up on the dates of receiving the purchase payments for the purpose of supplying them.
  • The ability to deal with services as items on which the procurement procedures are implemented.
  • Obtain all analytical and aggregate reports of all kinds of purchases.
  • It also includes payment management and provides electronic transmission, and the purchase order can be “flipped to an invoice” from suppliers.

The most important commercial activities suitable for the MarPOS procurement management system:

All sectors of business, institutions, and activities (service – commercial ….. etc).

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