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management accounting system

MarPOS account management program is one of the best and easiest account management systems in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through which full control and management of clients and business accounts.

How the MarPOS management accounting management accounting system

The system relies on generating and creating accounting entries and relaying them to the places designated for them, as it is a coherent, integrated and intelligent program, and it helps in a more than wonderful way in closing or final closing of accounts annually.



It is also programmed to suit all business sectors (service – commercial ….. etc) and depends on the modern value-added tax system in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The MarPOS account management software also contains

Invoice management system, from creating, printing and mailing them, and linking all financial dealings with each other

  • Customer management system, creating a personal file for each customer, his accounts, data, and financial transactions.

MarPOS management accounting system features

 Full amendment to customer accounts (full management)

  • Automatically send alert messages with due bills, payment dates and e-mail collection
  • Professionally manage invoices, view and print them
  • Use more than one language in the program
  • Create and create a backup copy of the program every period to ensure data security
  • Easily define within the program (incoming and outgoing – expenses and revenues)
  • The possibility of different classifications of accounts (cash, check ….. etc)
  • Complete and integrated reports of cash and financial flows
  • The ability to add an infinite number of users

The system is the heart of account management operations in an easy, smart, simplified, and professional manner.

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