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point of sale (pos system)

The best and most accurate sales and procurement management system in the sales process And its success is guaranteed as it is the best technical software information system used in sales management.

Sales management system role:

Examine the progress of the sales process, which usually starts from the sale until the invoice is sent to the customer.


Issuing sales reports and customer balances in various detailed and total ways.


It contributes to increasing productivity rates and the efficiency of companies and large, medium and small enterprises.


It helps the success of the sales process.

The importance of MarPos in your business for managing sales:

Manage time for managers by providing quick analysis, database, information and graphs.


Control sales operations, solve problems, and find alternatives and solutions in case of defect.


Increase sales and close control of future sales and collect them on due dates.


Reducing a percentage of the value according to the powers available to the user.


Knowing the collection movement and delegates, thus reducing the cost of collection.


Controlling bill disbursements in multiple payments and for more than one recipient.


Knowing the net sales and profit margin at the level of the item and the customer.

Advantages of Marpos Sales Management System:


Marbus is considered the best accounting management system that includes management of points of sale, cashier, sales management and reports

An endless number of items have been registered in the MarPOS database


Which includes (stores – items – customers – export and import data to and from Excel file – barcode printing …. etc).


Add users and each user has their own password and control the powers of each user.


Add invoices during sales with printing the invoice after each sale to review data.


Choose the type of dealing with the customer or supplier in cash or forward.


Enter daily restrictions easily and simply with multiple options.


Follow-up of all transactions that take place within your business


A list of reports has been created through which you can create more than 350 reports as it provides many reports related to the sale process.


Connecting more than one point of sale on the same network, which facilitates the selling process with the quick sales screen.


An integrated team of technical support is available with you at any time inside the Kingdom and remotely.

Business activities suitable for MarPos:

It is suitable for managing large, medium and small establishments, shops, and service activities


It is also very small and is characterized by being designed to manage a very large sector of various commercial activities


The program is modified according to the type of activity and according to the client’s requirements.





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