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Asya Enterprises Est

One of the best leading institutions in importing all types of transmission belts used in operating equipment and crushers, as well as importing all types of rubber plates.


A chain of restaurants in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, its idea was founded on professionally serving popular oriental dishes, especially the famous Mashkhool dish in eastern Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Bahrain, which is characterized by its unique taste.


The Jabor name is synonymous with the classic design of ladies’ shoes online in Ireland, setting a precedent for shoemaking skill making every pair a desirable investment due to the innovative heritage brand specializing in the most exquisite footwear crafted with expert craftsmanship from the finest leathers.

Oud Saudi

Distinguished experts in the field of oud, agarwood, saffron and oriental perfumes, with more than 40 years of importing oud from its source directly from several islands in East Asia, including the Kalimantan Islands, Sumatra Islands, Sambawa Islands, Malaysia Islands and many other islands.

Hazaz Store

Hazaz Company is one of the leading companies working in the field of trading all supplies, collectibles and home accessories in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to become one of the largest Gulf names in this large sector.

Rieker Sheos

It produces and manufactures anti-stress shoes on the feet to provide complete comfort to the feet, so it is unique, along with compatibility with all international fashion lines and to suit all tastes. Founded in southern Germany, it quickly gained a good reputation for its quality and established a household name in Europe and around the world.

Alam Alwisam

It provides all the products that the family may need through nine branches around the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Shuyukh Coffee

The original Al-Shuyoukh Coffee Factory, a Saudi factory specializing in coffee and its derivatives, with high quality and a special taste.

Maram Altawfeer

A facility in Makkah Al-Mukarramah that provides a service of wholesale and retail trade in haberdashery, antiques and children’s toys that are permitted.

Fawq Alwasf

A Saudi company specialized in wholesale and retail trade in luxuries, gifts, antiques, household appliances, furnishings, furniture, all kitchen and home decorations, office supplies, library, stationery, and toys.


A Saudi company for a brand of children’s clothing and perplexing sizes. With its branches in various regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it offers the latest international and modern fashions with the finest types of fabrics with foreign touches and creative designs in proportion to the tastes, demands and global orientation

Oroba Canter

One of the largest shopping centers in Riyadh for all household needs, accessories, kitchen appliances, decorations and antiques.

Alhadaya Center

A company specialized in selling ready-made home furniture, accessories, kitchen equipment, decorations and antiques in its retail stores located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Qasser Alorchid

It presents in a unique way a distinguished group of natural oud wood and oud oils directly from their sources, as well as captivating aromatic blends in which the most important aromatic masterpieces of oud, amber, Taif rose, sandalwood, orchid flower, musk, frankincense and others were mixed by expert perfumers who understand the nuances of Arabic perfumes And how important it is in this region, and to give these aromatic bouquets a wonderful royal feeling.

Kaif Alshiuokh

It is a company specialized in roasting and selling Arabic coffee, tea, dates, nuts and spices with a unique taste.


A specialized institution providing all the distinctive products for sports and fitness with the highest international quality standards.

Dunya Alasaar

The first destination in the world of luxuries, everything under one roof, kitchen tools and appliances, furniture and furnishings, antiques, gifts, toys, flowers, detergents, office tools, furniture, cosmetics.

My Mart

Pioneers of luxuries in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to provide all kitchen supplies and home appliances, furniture and furnishings, make-up and personal care, electronics, cleaners and home care, stationery, toys and newborns.

Mnst Alator

Perfume platform store Online store for selling perfumes of international brands

Omran Factory

One of the leading companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the production of bathtubs, showers and jacuzzis made of acrylic according to American, European and international specifications.

Jam Aqar

The company provides the best services, products and local real estate solutions with international specifications and standards in various regions and major cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Giving the opportunity to those wishing to live in rent housing units with high specifications and unique designs at reasonable prices. It also develops, markets and values real estate and real estate consultancy.

Machinery Mall Middle Est

Everything related to the provision of construction equipment, road equipment, cranes, trucks and concrete equipment, spare parts and agricultural equipment, accessories and generators, equipment rental and maintenance.

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