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March 4, 2020

Linking Branches

The amazing systems of information technology provide a service of linking branches in a distinctive way that we work to connect the main company with its branches no matter how many branches and anywhere, whether local or international branches The service of linking branches to follow up and monitor the performance of all the devices of the branches of the parent company and follow up the performance of employees in addition to that it can be connected to the fingerprint device to know the staff time and other wonderful features that enable the employer to follow and know the performance of branches in an orderly and accurate and The VPN connection service is stable, cheaper and better than fixed IP

Here is where the table is located in the old site

 Connection Method

  • The method of wireless connectivity is done by checking the location of the customer and its branches in the field and then examine the sites through Google Maps to determine the levels of decline And height from the ground to determine the lengths of the columns on which the devices will be installed and to be able to know the directions of the devices
  • The method of linking through the purchase of the client to DNS through us and then the installation of modems Draytek and programmed Here either the client installs one modem in the main branch and connect all the branches on it or we can install a modem in each branch and connect the branches to each other, a faster way than the first
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