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Communication systems between branches

About the service

Most companies suffer from poor communication between employees and branches and the exchange of data between them due to the difficulty of direct and flexible communication, which causes the facility to delay in completing its work as scheduled. The service from telecommunications companies or websites costs monthly amounts, with your full association with them, in addition to providing the system to the facility every period to facilitate communication, and you may waive the protection of its data to accomplish its tasks as required.

You can now connect the branches of your facility or any points to each other without periodic fees, connection devices or high costs under your own network with high protection, quality performance, few technical problems, ease of dealing with branches by technology.

This service allows sharing of applications or programs of any kind from servers to users’ computers in branches through special programs or through Internet browsers based on certain permissions created for each user on the server as if they were installed on the user’s device. User devices running Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android devices.

This service allows remote multi-user access to Windows applications or other programs without using remote desktop services. no need to install RDS licenses on Windows desktops or servers.

Service Features:

  • The ability to connect 500 branches (points) on a single server network without the need for connection devices, subscriptions or RDP licenses and replaces the remote entry systems provided by Microsoft.
  • It can be installed and configured in less than 15 minutes.
  • Multiple subscription options to suit a variety of use cases so that organizations can select the scenario that best suits their needs and reduces their risks.
  • Multiple printers and the ability to print from the same branch without the need to share printers.
  • No need to install sales and accounts systems in branch machines and reduce the cost of downloading accounts systems.
  • The possibility of distributing permission to employees.
  • Provides applications to manage and monitor the network.
  • It does not consume internet service resources and the consumption depends on the amount of data exchanged only.​
  • Reduce service provider fees.
  • 95% free from defects and technical problems.
  • Technical support 24/24 through customer service.
  • Drawing an plan for the client before starting the implementation and providing him with appropriate suggestions to match his work.
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