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asset management system

Marvel offers you one of the best systems to take care of the facility's asset management

Importance of MarPos Asset Management System:



It contributes to developing the investment in assets and maintaining its financial market value.


Ensure that all changes in assets and services are properly and accurately controlled.


It contributes to the rate of increase in productivity and efficiency of the company.


Protection and security of the company’s asset portfolio and improving the total cost of ownership.


It also monitors asset life cycle operations since the purchase.


Reviews reports for the various data and movements made on the assets with several options

The most important features of MarPos Asset Management Program:

The asset management system is one of the best in the Kingdom and the Marvel team provides you with the most important features of the MarPos asset management system:


Maintaining analytical records of the assets at the branch, user, and original levels.


Flexibility of the system’s pre-configuration and its suitability with the nature of the facility and its type of activity.


Monitor the operations performed on the original and approve them before they affect the accounts or records.


Ease of preparing inventories of enterprise assets according to the details of the levels of its organizational structure.


Divide the assets into main and sub groups into multiple levels.


Control the operating expenses, maintenance and depreciation of assets.


Full integration with YemenSoft accounting systems at the level of accounts or cost centers.

Some technical specifications of the asset management system:

Connecting assets to locations, cost centers, activities and projects.


Reviewing the production efficiency data for the asset and the expenses spent on it.


Obtaining multiple reports such as asset data, movement, depreciation, etc.


Provide future data on assets and their remaining lives.





Commercial activities appropriate to the asset management system


The system is suitable for managing establishments, shops, and large, medium and small service activities


It is also designed to manage a very large segment of different business activities.


The program can be customized according to the type of activity.

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