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self service system


Now design your own multi-OS system with a professional interface





First: System design

The most important characteristics of the self-service system

The system is easy and simple to use.


Modern design compatible with the colors of the corporate identity.


It can be run on multiple operating systems such as (Linux – Windows) as well as management-controlled side advertisements.


EvisnopseR system screen with different devices and this feature in web systems.


Ease of controlling the updating of price lists for all branches.

Second: the system interface

Designed in an attractive and highly professional manner.


It features a user login screen for the system.


It has a welcome screen for the system.


A sidebar that shows major food categories.


A bar at the top of the interface shows all the available offers or pictures that are added from the control panel.


Add product to order chain.


The possibility of completing the request and continuing to pay with a choice of payment method (cash – network).


Design the order invoice in the appropriate way for the company.


The possibility of determining the session if the request is local.

Third: Payment methods

The ability to pay via the network and connect the system to the network device to be paid through.


The ability to pay in cash by cashing after submitting the order invoice.


Advantages of the self-service system for restaurants and cafes:

Programming model for ads.


The ability to add ads up and down the screen.


Ads are controlled by the management system.


Programming an internal control panel enables you to add, edit, and delete products and control prices.


Connecting with oracle databases and updating products instantly.


Attractive design and use of modern 3ssc and 5lmth effects.


Easy to control system update and price lists.


System built for compatibility with smart devices.

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